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About Us

Our mission is to make it simpler for businesses to trade and expand globally.

PingPong is a global accelerator that offers end-to-end payment solutions to meet diverse business needs.

Our Values


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We solve a complex problem by addressing its basic elements. Deconstruction leads to manageable solutions.

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Our bias for action and rapid iteration drives optimal results. Agility is key!

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We learn from the past and prepare for the future, but we focus on winning today so we can keep moving forward.

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Our goal is to help small businesses to win big. We win when our partners win.

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We constantly learn and find new ways to improve, simplify, and innovate.

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We are designers with heart. We develop products not to impress, but to make things better for our customers.

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Our Story

Our journey began when Robert Chen, armed with an M.A. in Mathematics and experience in top financial institutions in both the US and China, recognized the challenges faced by small e-commerce businesses striving to expand internationally. Established in 2015 by a tight-knit team of friends and fellow professionals, PingPong was born with a clear mission: to empower small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide, enabling them to reach new customers and retain more of their earnings.

Since then, PingPong has flourished, serving over 170 countries and regions and facilitating over $100 billion in transactions as of Q1 2023. Our success is fueled by a relentless drive for progress, encapsulated by our founder's fascination with the ocean and symbolized by the aquarium housing four sharks at our global headquarters. Like sharks, PingPong embodies unwavering focus, agility, and an unyielding commitment to moving forward.

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About our brand PingPong
First, PingPong is small but nimble, just like the way we operate as a startup.

Second, PingPong balls bounce back and forth, similar to the way that digital payments travel back and forth, with both speed and vigor.

Lastly, the game of PingPong, or table tennis, originated in England in the late 19th century, but has become one of the most popular sports globally. We aspire to make PingPong popular globally as well.



PingPong is now one of the world’s leading global platforms for e-commerce payments management, with 1,000+ employees supporting our operations in over 200 countries.

To date, more than $90 billion has been processed through our platform.


PingPong surpasses $80 billion USD in cumulative transaction volume; and launches 3 new products - a new comprehensive Supplier Payment feature, a Structured FX Solutions service ‘Hedging X’ and B2B Payment Solutions service ‘Flowmore’.


PingPong’s Payment Institution (P.I.) License is upgraded to an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) License by the Luxembourg regulator.

PingPong is named one of the world’s Top 250 Fintech startups by CB Insights and reaches 1 million merchant-customers.


PingPong is named one of the Top 100 Cross Border Payment Companies in the World by FXC Intelligence.

PingPong reaches a valuation of USD $1 billion.

PingPong officially expands to India, Vietnam and Singapore.


PingPong launches services of Business Intelligence and Tax SaaS products, as well as the Working Capital Management product ‘Light Year’ for empowering eCommerce sellers.


PingPong becomes the first Chinese Fintech company to secure a Payment Institution (P.I.) License in Luxembourg.

PingPong also launches in Japan.


PingPong becomes a partner of some of the world’s largest companies in the finance and eCommerce industries including Citibank, Wells Fargo, Amazon, Wish and UnionPay, and becomes a verified payment service provider on the Amazon Seller Central.


PingPong is founded in New York, having obtained the FinCEN MSB licenses, and establishes its headquarters in Hangzhou, the e-commerce Hub of China, home to digital giants like Alibaba.

By the end of 2015, PingPong reaches a monthly transaction volume of $3 million USD.

Global Presence

Global offices in 27+ cities and counting. Trust our on-the-ground presence wherever your business takes you. Our local support crew is always there, anytime, anywhere.

Our global presence means that our local support crew is always right there with you anywhere, anytime, wherever your business may take you.

New York
San Mateo
Hong Kong

And more.

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Win the global payments game with PingPong.

Our all-in-one global payments solution will take your business to the next level.

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