Kassa USA Rakes in Global Savings using PingPong’s platform

“We use PingPong to save money in conversion fees and to
bring more profit back to our bank account,”
– Boris Ermis, Co-Founder, KASSA USA



When Kassa USA co-founders Eugene Pepsh and Boris Ermis began experiencing the rush of realizing their dream, the momentum left them thinking globally.


We wanted to bring the benefits of creativity to more people. Creativity helps with problem-solving and brings people joy. It’s not just about selling a product for us, we care about impacting people.

– Eugene Pepsh, Co-Founder, KASSA USA
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Sales were growing


The demand was there


The numbers weren’t lying


Would this work in other markets? The company set its sights on Canada.

Very quickly, they realized something was different. Payouts from Amazon Canada were looking a little skimpy compared to their US sales.

After doing some digging and exchanging notes with more seasoned Amazon sellers, they quickly realized they were losing massive amounts of revenue to conversion fees and local laws and regulations.

Luckily, PingPong landed on their radar, and the team called, discussed rates, and took PingPong’s customer service for a test run.


“Before calling PingPong, we didn’t have a currency conversion application. PingPong is very transparent. Now, when we need to know how much money we pay in service fees, it’s one click. So super convenient.”

– Eugene Pepsh, Co-Founder, KASSA USA

Kassa benefited from immediate results and savings.

Increased control over revenue earnings resulted in confidence and peace of mind when it came to business planning and operations.

The long-term benefits have been abundant. Before PingPong hit the scene and changed merchant expectations, companies had to visit foreign countries in person to open a bank account. Without it, transacting in local currencies was a foreign concept.

“Customer service is our number one priority. We have to make sure that if we have an issue, someone is there to respond. Our money is the most important thing on the line. PingPong gave us solutions right away.”

– Boris Ermis, Co-Founder, KASSA USA
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“With PingPong, we don’t have to create local bank accounts. We’re all ready to do business in other countries, and we can hold our Amazon marketplace earnings in as many currencies as we like.”

– Eugene Pepsh, Co-Founder, KASSA USA

Company Bio

Founded in 2014 by Eugene Pepsh and Boris Ermis, Kassa USA is dedicated to encouraging creativity through arts and crafts. The business has steadily grown since 2014 and continues to use PingPong payment solutions to save on currency conversions, supplier payments, and to keep more of their hard-earned revenue in the company’s bank account.


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