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Kassa USA co-founders Boris Ermis and Eugene Pepsh with social media influencer Jenna Marie


Kassa USA goes global

Kassa USA is a growing company with ambitious global plans. But they needed to find the right way to send and receive global payments to better control their profits.


Feeling the initial rush of excitement that comes with global expansion

Expanding to new international marketplaces is an exciting time for any successful Amazon seller. There’s new customers, the possibility to take sales to never-before-reached heights… and there are also costs that you are not fully aware of.

Founded in 2014 by Eugene Pepsh and Boris Ermis, Kassa USA is dedicated to encouraging creativity. After starting out in home goods and furnishings, Kassa USA made the move to arts and crafts. They never looked back. Business has been steadily growing, and they love their mission.

“Our goal is to supply the world with creativity. We offer arts and crafts products, everything from chalk markers and vinyl sheets to watercolor supplies,” says Eugene Pepsh, co-founder of Kassa USA. “We want to bring a little more creativity to people because of all the benefits it brings. We know creativity can help with problem solving and help bring joy to people. It’s not just about selling a product for us, we’re also able to, in some way, help people.”


“Our goal is to supply the world with creativity. We offer arts and crafts products, everything from chalk markers and vinyl sheets to watercolor supplies,” says , co-founder of Kassa USA.

Eugene Pepsh


Followed by some surprising revelations about the hidden costs of going global

Their mission has been rewarded with growing sales since launching in 2014. Naturally, that success led Boris and Eugene to pursue new markets: starting with Canada. With a shared border and language, Canada is the first global stop for many American Amazon business owners. What they didn’t realize was how much global selling would cost them when they started receiving payouts from Amazon Canada.

“So before PingPong, we didn’t have any currency conversion application,” explains Eugene.


“PingPong is very transparent. So if we need to know how much money we pay in service fee. It’s one click. So super convenient.”

Eugene Pepsh


After a search in Google and some discussions with fellow Amazon sellers, they called PingPong to discuss rates and test out the customer service.

“Customer service is number one. We have to make sure that if we have an issue someone will answer right away. Our money is the most important thing on the line. We called PingPong and got an answer right away.” After signing up for a new account, the results have been immediate savings and increased control over their earning

Finding the right global currency account designed for Amazon Sellers

There’s also longer-term benefits. In the old days, a company had to go to a foreign country to open a bank account to be able to transact in local currency – that’s a lot of work each time you begin operating in a new country. “What’s also really great with PingPong is that we don’t have to create a local bank account in that country,” says Eugene. “We’re all ready to do business in other countries, and we can hold our Amazon marketplace earnings in as many currencies as we like.”

Making tax time (a little) less of a pai

Tax time is always painful, but having the right multi-currency account like PingPong can be a huge money-saver around tax time — as the Kassa USA team found out when paying their first round of GST taxes with the Canadian government.


Our business in Canada is growing every month, and PingPong has been an amazing platform to work with to save us a lot of money in conversion fees. Thank you!”

Boris Ermis


Next up, conquering the world. One country at a time.

For a company like Kassa USA with big expansion plans, being able to hold multiple currencies and exercise maximum control over profits is key to avoiding unnecessary costs, such as high currency exchange fees and tax payment fees. “Our business in Canada is growing every month, and PingPong has been an amazing platform to work with to save us a lot of money in conversion fees,” says co-founder Boris Ermis.

“Our ultimate goal for the business is to extend to as many marketplaces as possible as well was expand the product line. We have big plans, and for all our international markets. We plan to use PingPong to our advantage to bring back more money to our bank account,” says Eugene.


Supplying the world with creativit


Kassa USA specializes in arts and crafts supplies designed to inspire creativity, including watercolor brush pens and paint sets, vinyl sheets, and chalk markers. Check them out on Instagram to get a dose of inspiration from their fans around the world…

Liquid chalk markers are one of Kassa USA’s most popular items. The chalk markers are erasable and can be used on chalkboards, mirrors, windows, and more. View chalk markers, and more fun ways to inspire creativity on Kassa USA’s website…


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