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Global portfolio, bigger ROI.

Go global in digital advertising. Overcome admin challenges with PingPong. Invest in Google, Facebook Ads, and more. Boost profits, grow your portfolio!

What PingPong empowers you to do

Pay Ad Platforms

Pay global ad platforms like Google AdSense and Facebook Ads from your PingPong account. Track transactions in real time as you plan your next big campaign!

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Mass Payment

Make mass payments with our Mass Pay feature. Set recurring payments to suppliers, ad channels, and contractors worldwide. Expand your team and keep those ads running!

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FX Solution

Convert currencies at industry-low rates, cheaper than banks. Save capital for growth by converting only when needed!

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Smart Accounting

Integrate accounting and financial tools into your PingPong account. Modernize processes for greater opportunities!

Win the global payments game with PingPong.

Our all-in-one global payments solution will take your business to the next level.