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Your PingPong Card

PingPong, a member of a prestigious card organization, offers all-in-one payment solutions to meet diverse needs such as corporate procurement, digital economy, travel, and recurring payments.

Pingpong card graphic

Global multi-scenario payment

Shopping Cart Icon

Platform shop rent

Dolly Cart icon

Warehouse Logistics

User icon

Digital Economy

Megaphone icon

Advertising costs

Airplane icon

Airline Hotel

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Corporate Procurement

Platform shop rent

Advertising costs

Warehouse Logistics

Digital economy

Airline Hotel

Corporate Procurement

North America

Money Service Business, FINTRAC of Canada; Money Service Business, FinCEN of the USA; Money Transmitter License, multiple states in the USA

Supported platforms

Multi-currency settlement

Support for mainstream currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, and HKD minimizes exchange risk and payment costs.

Multi-account management

Customize permissions for financial and operational roles with multi-account management, enhancing efficient collaboration within enterprises.

Open Unlimited Accounts

Instantly access and utilize your account upon opening to meet payment needs in various scenarios.

Automatic recharge, worry-free and convenient

Flexible automatic recharge ensures ample funds with customizable amounts.

Account balance SMS alerts

Configure SMS alerts for account balance to prevent insufficient funds and improve payment success.

All-round API docking

We offer professional API technical support tailored to individual customer needs.

Opening path

User card icon

Real-name authentication

Two card icon

Account top-up

Card application icon

Card application

Two Cards icon

Pay by card

New users enjoy free card opening service. For detailed rules, consult your account manager or PingPong customer service.

Global compliance

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License compliance

We hold the US federal and state MTL licenses, the Euro core area PI and EMI payment licenses, and the Hong Kong MSO license. We are also a member of the Japan Payment Association and have been certified by JPSA to continue to carry out safe and compliant businesses around the world.

Data security

With the PCI DSS payment gateway level certification, the network is isolated more thoroughly, and the data are stored after being encrypted to ensure your data security.