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PingPong's platform gave us the flexibility to customize a solution that optimized our business goals and needs. It allowed us to save more money, make more profit, and obtain transparent solutions all in one place.
Nate Jackson
VP of acquisitions at Perch

The Problem

As a company that helps brands reach their full potential, Perch recognized the importance of expanding into global marketplaces. However, they needed a payment provider they could trust implicitly, one that would consistently offer competitive rates and reliable service.

The Solution

Recognizing that individually opening new accounts for each acquisition was neither scalable nor efficient, Perch collaborated with their dedicated PingPong account manager to design a customized solution that aligned with their unique business goals and requirements. This tailored approach led to immediate cost savings, increased profitability, and a transparent financial ecosystem under a single platform.

“Ultimately, we needed a trusted payment provider with whom we didn't have to worry about whether we were getting the best rate. With PingPong, we could trust that we were getting a good deal; today, tomorrow, forever, with a system that would work; today, tomorrow, forever.”

Nate Jackson, VP of Acquisitions at Perch

Perch's partnership with PingPong Payments has significantly propelled their global expansion journey. By leveraging PingPong's solutions, Perch can focus on their core objective of maximizing the potential of brands without the burden of complex financial operations. The seamless functionality, comprehensive visibility, and cost-saving features provided by PingPong have laid a solid foundation for Perch's future growth and success.

PingPong Payments has proven to be an invaluable asset in Perch's quest for global expansion. By offering transparent costs, significant savings, and streamlined operations, PingPong has empowered Perch to overcome the challenges of working across multiple currencies and markets.


With a customized solution tailored to their specific needs, Perch has experienced immediate financial benefits and enhanced control over their global operations. As Perch continues to grow and flourish, their partnership with PingPong Payments remains a cornerstone of their international success story.

Win the global payments game with PingPong.

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