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Customer service is our number one priority. We have to make sure that if we have an issue, someone is there to respond. Our money is the most important thing on the line. PingPong gave us solutions right away.
Boris Ermis
Co-Founder, KASSA USA

The Problem

Driven by their passion for creativity, Kassa USA set its sights on the Canadian market. However, they soon realized that their revenue from Amazon Canada was significantly lower compared to their US sales. After investigating the issue and seeking advice from experienced Amazon sellers, they discovered that conversion fees and local laws were draining their profits. It was at this point that PingPong Payments came to their rescue, offering a lifeline to their international aspirations.

The Solution 

Kassa USA wasted no time in reaching out to PingPong Payments, eager to explore the potential of the platform. Transparent and user-friendly, PingPong's currency conversion application provided Kassa USA with invaluable insights into service fees, empowering them with financial control and convenience.

“Before calling PingPong, we didn't have a currency conversion application. PingPong is very transparent. Now, when we need to know how much money we pay in service fees, it's one click. So super convenient.”

Eugene Pepsh, Co-Founder, KASSA USA

Before the advent of PingPong Payments, establishing a virtual account in foreign countries required physical presence, making international transactions and managing local currencies was a daunting task. However, PingPong Payments transformed this landscape by eliminating the need for local bank accounts and enabling Kassa USA to conduct business seamlessly in various countries.

“With PingPong, we don't have to create local bank accounts. We're all ready to do business in other countries, and we can hold our Amazon marketplace earnings in as many currencies as we like.”

Eugene Pepsh, Co-Founder, KASSA USA


Kassa USA remains committed to inspiring creativity through arts and crafts. Since implementing PingPong Payments, the company has experienced substantial growth and continues to leverage the platform's solutions for currency conversions and supplier payments, allowing them to retain a larger portion of their hard-earned revenue. With PingPong Payments as their trusted financial ally, Kassa USA confidently moves forward, spreading creativity and making a positive impact across borders.

PingPong Payments has been instrumental in Kassa USA's journey of global expansion and financial savings. By simplifying currency conversions, eliminating the need for local bank accounts, and providing exceptional customer service, PingPong Payments has empowered Kassa USA to focus on their mission of promoting creativity. Through their partnership with PingPong Payments, Kassa USA can continue to thrive, keep more of their revenue, and make a lasting impression on individuals worldwide.

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